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3 Reasons why to delegate the management of your social media account and activities.

Social media management

3 Reasons why to delegate the management of your social media account and activities.

Why delegating the management of your social media strategy and execution can be beneficial for the growth of your business

Managing social network is a key work piece and corner stone for most of businesses.

For instance, it is critical for:

  • driving engagement from your customer,
  • getting feedback on your services,
  • starting interaction,
  • reaching out to potential customers,
  • identifying new opportunities.

Remember that latest statistics highlight that social media are influencing 93% of shoppers’ buying decisions (source).

However, to achieve such results, you will need to invest a lot of hard work because there are a lot of specificities and task to consider when managing your presence on social websites.

  • Define the right social media platform
  • Elaborating the corresponding strategy in line with your goals
  • Plan, create and publish your contents
  • Answer to messages, comments and questions
  • Build your visibility 
  • Assess your performance and define improvement area

Those actions can be very time consuming and results may not be as good as you expected.

Therefore delegating the management of your social media accounts and activities can be an opportunity to allow you to:

1) Gain time to focus on your business,

2) Make sure to get the most out of social media practices.

Social media management is time consuming

Time consuming - time is running out - Hourglass by photoroyalty

Time is a very important factor to consider in social networks, if you don’t like to spend much time on it, be aware that users will. 

According to statistics (released by Hubspot) most of marketers (60%) spend 6 hours or more every week on social media. 

An active profile on social media requires a lot of time, continuous effort and a lot of actions:

  • Find topics that appeal to your audience
  • Define the most appropriate mean of communication (video, post, infographic…)
  • Create the contents
  • Publish, and follow up by handling feedbacks, respond to comments…
  • Start again…

Delegation of the management of your social media account will allow you to save time to be focused on your business growth and on your customers.

For example, social network marketing expert will propose services to help you to manage your social network accounts more effectively: 

  • set up a social media contents schedule,
  • manage contents creation and publication,
  • engage with your audience.

Social media management requires a methodology and strategies

We often hear about success stories related to social posts or campaigns that became viral. This may send the wrong message because it leads people to think this could be easily achieved.

However, success on social media is not the norm and requires practice, persistence and, sometimes, a bit of luck.

So, to avoid being frustrated or with the feeling that all the time invested on your social media contents is wasted, you should keep yourself up to date with trends, your audience behavior and expectations.

However, if you are managing your own business, you may have already enough to do with your daily tasks.

That’s also a reason why delegating the management of your social media strategy and activities to an experienced subcontractor could be a solution.

Social media by Macrovector

Social media management can be expensive

Money by dooder

Investing money on paid campaigns on social networks must be guided by a strategic plan or goal in mind. Otherwise it is the sames as throwing money out of the window.

You must define the right strategy based on your business objectives.

For example, strategy focusing on “likes” is mainly targeting an increase of traffic or to build awareness.

On the another hand, a campaign with the objective is to drive “conversion” will, as its name describes it, focus on converting current fans or followers in actuals customers to generate sales.

Making sure that every dime invested in each campaign offer a positive return on investment is extremely hard to quantify.

Therefore, defining the appropriate strategy and delegating its development and execution to an expert might be the key to grow your business.


In conclusion, while essential for the grow of your business, social media management is almost a full time activity because it requires investment, time and methodology. It can even be harmful for you company’s image if it is badly executed.

Social media management doesn’t have to be time consuming, frustrating and expensive.

To sum up, to be effective and efficient, any activity on social network should be well planned and implemented with clear objectives.

Business growth strategies

Benefits of Social media account management

Delegating the management of your social media accounts and activities to a subcontractor can bring considerable advantages such as:

  • Save Time: focus directly on the growth of your business
  • Save money: don’t waste money on unsuccessful campaign
  • Implement the best strategy based on your goals
  • Set up a detailed and strategic social media content schedule
  • Increase your visibility
  • Build your audience
  • Make sure to be up to date on latest social network trends and practices
  • Control your company’s image and communication
  • Ensure to promptly answer to followers and customers feedbacks, comments and questions
  • Drive engagement from your customers and fans
  • Increase sales
  • Get return on investment: Successful campaign can significantly grow your sales

Hope you had a good read and this article helped you.

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