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Why You Should Focus on Improving SEO

Why You Should Focus on Improving SEO

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization stands for a set of actions and strategies that are implemented in order to affect the visibility of a website or a page in a search engine’s “natural” or “unpaid” search results.

Search engines maintain a huge database that includes information from individuals websites.
Algorithms used by search engines, then use those information to rank websites to better match the request submitted by visitors.
The role of SEO is to influence the ranking of a website on the result pages.

Why SEO is important?

You website exist and looks great, but it doesn’t appear on google search results page.
It’s like you designed a great product, beautiful ; useful, with high potential…but condemned to stay hidden in your drawer.

Formulated differently, your business might be dependent on customers visiting your website.
If that’s the case you should take a second and ask yourself if you are satisfied with the amount of business generated from your site.

That’s where SEO intervenes, in order to help your product or service to reach the visibility it deserves


Increase Traffic

Websites that are on top position on search engine result pages receive the more impressions and clicks because people don’t look for the results on the second page but choose to modify their search terms and start a research again.
Ranking on the first results page significantly increase qualitfied traffic for your website.

Increase sales

Ranking well on search results bring more visibility but also more qualified traffic because people use keywords to look for products and services you may offer. This means they are potential customers actually looking for your offer.

Cost saving and ROI

By targeting users that are actively looking for your products, SEO helps users coming naturally to you, consequently making SEO one of the most cost-effective marketing strategy compared to social media marketing or paid campaigns (adwords campaigns to compensate weak ranking).

Brand awareness and authority

With a good position on search result pages, your website gain exposure and help users to associate your brand to the specific keywords they were searching for. Being positioned on google’s first page also help your company to be perceived to be more trustworthy.


A SEO professional will audit your website and elaborate a set of actions and strategies to rank your website and bring effective traffic to it.

Let’s review the case of a company selling Picture frames who want to appear on Google when someone types “picture frames” in the search bar.

Competition seems huge!!
Indeed there are roughly 2,2millions of other pages using that term.
However that’s not as bad as it sounds because the term is searched approx 370 000 times in average per month around the world (avg based on last 12month volume of search).
Let’s imagine the following:

  • you manage to rank first on that keyword,
  • that everyone searching for this term click on you site,
  • that you manage to have a conversion rate of 0,5%.

Meaning that 0,5% of the total traffic complete a sale. This stands for 1 850 sales.

If you sell your picture frame 5 dollars and each customer purchase 1 picture frame you get 9 250 dollars of monthly sales.
That’s the magic of SEO optimization, you have a constant flow of visitors arriving to your website and potentially buying your products or services.


Challenge of SEO

Internet, business and trends are not statics.

Google relies on principles and algorithms.
Those same algorithms are continuously updated and modified.
Competitors are also fighting hard in order to have their website reaching a top position on search result pages.

Attention to details and trends

Nobody exactly knows the exact way search engines’ algorithms work except their creator. SEO experts learn by testing, failing and correcting. Because top positions on Google’s first page are limited, SEO requires webmasters to keep up with trends, create and publish contents continuously. SEO is a full time job, requiring constant interventions and contents creation.

Results are not guaranteed

Often marketers discredit SEO because its results are harder to measure and take longer to appear.
Instead, they promote strategies such as search engine advertising (SEA) campaigns or social media paid campaigns.
While, this is true that results are often not visible before a few months, SEO falls within a long term approach and must be a critical part of any digital strategy.
Comparing digital marketing with a race again, SEO will allow you to reach the finish line of the marathon while SEA or other paid advertising campaigns will stand for sprints; boosting your position but not sustainable in the long run.


Improve SEO - Rank on Google

We use a methodical and consistent approach of SEO basics in order to implement a sustainable SEO Strategy and solution.

Meticulous On-site optimization work (clean up and get rid of all that is not « Google-friendly », work on contents optimization (size, quality…))

Strategic Off-Site intervention (netlinking strategy….)
CONSISTENCE : regular and punctual intervention to maintain a good ranking.

Consistancy : regular and punctual intervention to maintain a good ranking. We have a set of auditing, researching and developing actions we do each month to monitor and keep improving your position.


Despite the work it requires on the technical aspect of your website settings and on the content creation SEO brings many valuable benefits.
Indeed this is a valuable source of constant flow of qualified and qualitative traffic that generates sales.
Hence it must be part of any digital strategy and benefit of a specific focus to make sure to get the most out of it.

To help our customers with SEO related questions and requests we propose the following services:


We audit your website and define the right strategy to improve SEO.

We establish a plan, implement the actions and monitor the results.


We execute a detailed audit of your website and provide a clear strategy

 to allow you to improve your SEO


Want to learn how to generate a constant flow of traffic to your website?

Learn all aspect of SEO.

Hope you had a good read and this article helped you.

If you have any question or any feedback please let us know in the comments area below or by contacting us


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