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Digital / Online marketing services

Improve your visibility online, generate trafic and grow your business, your sales and your visitor base.

Digital marketing Services

Our agency will manage your online marketing campaigns.

By targeting precisely your audience (age, location, interests, habits…) we can efficiently promote your offer through optimized advertisement and sales process to increase conversion rate and return on investment of your campaign.

You will have access to performance reports to control your budget and make sure results are in line with expectations.

Online marketing is a set of tools and methodologies used for promoting products and services on internet.

It can deliver benefits such as :

– Business growth

– Reduced expenses

– Improved customer service

– Competitive advantage


Your website must be inline with the overall marketing strategy of your company. 

Indeed, it should not only provide information to your visitors but also fulfil conversion objectives (get contact details, increase online sales…)

This must be defined from the conception of your website and implemented through an optimized user journey, a relevant content creation, efficient contact forms and action buttons.

Search engine optimization (SEO) stands for a set of actions implemented to improve the visibility and the ranking of a website on search engine results page (SERP). 

The goal is to drive substainable and qualified traffic. This meaning to bring people actually looking for your products or services category directly to your website.

This is fundamental but often neglected. A great SEO strategy requires a detailed keyword analysis, competition check, a technical optimization of the website and a constant results monitoring.

The implementation of paid search campaigns (SEA – Search Engine Advertising) allowes to improve the visibility and drive targetted trafic to your offers. 

However, to really benefit from it, it requires a full elements:

  • Targetted segment and audience 
  • Relevant keywords
  • A strong copy and message
  • An optimized website and offers.

This must be guided with a clear plan defining:

  • the frequency

  • topics that appeal to your audience

  • the media (post, infographics, video)

Social network allow to create proximity and to engage your audience.

However, this requires an active presence, meaning to publish new content very regularly but also interact and respond punctually to your communauty. 

Often underestimated, email marketing is considered as the most effective acquisition, loyalty and conversion mean (source: emailmonday).

It can be used to generate trafic to a website, propose targetted offers, increase your sales or simply to keep in touch with your customer. 

Again, it requires critical steps to be defined:

  • A reasonnable publishing frequency

  • segemented offers based on audiences

  • customized messages to your contacts

In Summary, Alt 360 is your partner for the following services

  • Website optimization
  • Search engine optimization strategies
  • Google adwords
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Video, pictures and blog posts
  • Social media marketing strategies
  • Email marketing
  • Products and services presentation

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