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Alt 360 Consulting

Alt360 is a digital marketing agency which proposes a range of services and tailor made solutions to help companies grow and reach theirs objectives of productivity, profitability and visibility

#Few Figures

0 %
of company executives think that digital transformation is only a trend

But facts are:

0 %
of consumers do online researches before purchasing
0 %
of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media
0 %
this is the E-Commerce Growth Sales Growth in average every year since 2015
0 %
of store owners noticed a visit increase after digital strategy implementation

# Your Goals = Our Goals

Increase your visibility

We develop an efficient Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy based on technical website performance optimization and quality content creation across multiple channels such as social media platforms and youtube.
Take benefit from our effective content marketing and copywriting skills.

Boost your sales

Get more leads and sales from social media and your website traffic thanks to conversion optimization. 
We implement strategies to generate traffic and drive conversion through social media, SEO, content, email marketing, optimized landing pages and customer-journey mapping.

Win customers' loyalty

Our Social Media Management Service helps
growing your business brand awareness and building relationships.
We listen to your customers, answer their questions or concerns to keep them engaged and connected to your company, making their experience personal and authentic.

Increase your productivity

Find the best solution to focus on your core business.
Save time and money thanks to our range of services.
Hire a virtual assistant for administrative tasks.
Trust our designers to create and publish perfect newsletters or posts on social media.

Improve your processes, automate tasks

Identify the right tool to optimize or simplify your processes: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Management, Cloud based services.
Delegate or automate tasks to gain time.

Grow your skills and grow your business

Stay ahead of competition and develop your skills.
We propose trainings on software (Microsoft office, Data visualization…), soft skills development (communication, presentation skills…) and productivity improvement.

# Our Values


Because we believe that trust and respect are the cornerstones of a substainable partnership.


Because we believe that crystal clear communication is fundamental for a constructive collaboration. 


Because we believe that providing relevant, realistic and durable solutions is key for efficiency.


Because we believe that providing tailor made solutions is core to treasure a partnership.


Because we believe that focusing on customers needs is the backbone of a successful collaboration.

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