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Digital marketing strategy - Multi Channel vs Omni Channel Marketing

Digital marketing strategies: Multi-Channel vs Omni-channel Marketing ?

Multi-channel marketing and Omni-channel are two strong digital marketing strategies but they are also often confused. However, it can bring valuable to your business to know the differences between both strategies and how they should be implemented together. Multi-Channel Marketing vs Omni-Channel Marketing Multichannel marketing is the ability to interact with potential customers on various …

Why You Should Focus on Improving SEO

What is SEO? Search engine optimization stands for a set of actions and strategies that are implemented in order to affect the visibility of a website or a page in a search engine’s “natural” or “unpaid” search results. Search engines maintain a huge database that includes information from individuals websites. Algorithms used by search engines, …

Social media management

3 Reasons why to delegate the management of your social media account and activities.

Why delegating the management of your social media strategy and execution can be beneficial for the growth of your business Managing social network is a key work piece and corner stone for most of businesses. For instance, it is critical for: driving engagement from your customer, getting feedback on your services, starting interaction, reaching out …